Scrambled Egg Tartine.

My friend Kristen dislikes loathes eggs. She just does not want anything to do with them as a meal item. Sure, she will use them in baking, but when it comes to breakfast, she will consistently reject them. She has made it clear however, that we are more than welcome to make them, she will just pass, and find something else to eat. Its funny, really, because I am pretty sure she likes chickens, and her two best friends are obsessed with egg-anything.

We do however, almost always forget, or at least we chose to forget this fact; because ultimately every breakfast we make is egg based. I am convinced that someday, just like how she came through with starting to like avocados, she will come around to eggs.

I had a lot of leftovers lingering in the fridge when I concocted this dish, and I think it managed to come together quite organically, and I was very pleased with the outcome. 

Scrambled Egg Tartine.
There are so many ways you can alter this. I was thinking of adding roasted red peppers, subbing a tapenade for the chimichurri, using arugula instead of microgreens, in the summer, doing a caprese version with mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. The point is, be creative, 
this is a blank canvas for breakfast.
serves 2.

4 eggs
2 large slices of bread
drizzle of olive oil, for cooking the eggs
 lime butter
crumbled goat cheese

Place a tab of lime butter in a skillet, when it begins to foam, fry the bread, flipping over when it begins to brown, then when the other side is browned, pull from skillet and set on plates.
Generously spread the chimichurri sauce on the slices of toasted bread and set aside.
Crack the eggs in a bowl and wisk until thoroughly combined, and add a generous pinch of salt and pepper. Drizzle the olive oil in another skillet, and when it gets hot, pour in the eggs, slowly folding the eggs in with a spatula. When the eggs are set, turn off the pan.
Top the slices of bread with the eggs. Top with a generous amount of microgreens and then crumble some goat cheese on top. Serve and enjoy.


  1. I've been eating a lot of a simplified version of this recently as a quick/lazy dinner or lunch - mine is usually just lavishly buttered toast with scrambled eggs + a small pile of grated cheese on top, but I'm loving your ideas here for something of a bit more substance.

    PS This really is a GENIUS method for making scrambled eggs - I haven't turned back to the traditional method all month http://food52.com/blog/3379_daniel_pattersons_poached_scrambled_eggs

    1. Oh man I have got to try this method, thank you!! Yes its funny, Ry is a huge fan of "toad in a hole" and I just cannot seem to get on board, but once I started making this as our variety of "egg & toast" we both have been very excited about it. I really enjoy the compound flavors you can meld with it!