Food for thought.

I have cooked a lot for a few hungry men over the course of this harvest. I did not however take a lot of pictures to document those meals. But they were there and they were delicious. I did also take the time to think about what cooking means to me because really, the things that make up our every day lives are very small pleasures.   Its the calm that chopping vegetables brings me, its the smells of spices that re-energizes me, and the pan in the oven that warms my home. Its the appetite for something healthy and delicious that an afternoon run brings me. Its the Mr. taking me into his arms and dancing in the kitchen to no music at all except the bubbling on the stove. At the end of the day, cooking is a sense of peace and creativity that I can't help but desire.

People try and rush through meals, as if they were a chore, and I am delighted to end the day cooking with fresh vegetables that I know people worked hard to grow. I feel good knowing that what I put in front of my husband, family and friends and what I will someday put in front of my children, nourishes their soul and is healthful and conscious.

So, for now, I leave you with this and this alone, and tomorrow, maybe I will bring you a recipe.

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