Popovers and Strawberry Butter.

When I was young, my mom would make popovers. It was few and far between, but every time she did, I loved them. When I grew up and moved in with the Mr. (prior to me being the Mrs.) one of the things he told me he loved were popovers. One Sunday morning I decided to make them in honor of our mutual love of what I referred to fondly as the egg-y muffin.

As I pulled them out of the oven, he ran out of the shower, and looked at my muffin tin, and said "that is NOT a popover, its a muffin." The next week, he surprised me with this. Apparently popovers take a special pan. I know, I know. Everyone says you can use muffin tins, but in his defense.... I am now a hardcore convert. 

Up until last March, all of the popovers I have had were homemade...

In March, I forced myself to go find myself a strapless bra. Shopping for undergarments have never really been a thing I love to do, so instead of going it alone, I dragged one of my best friends into the city with me. In her knowledge of my lack of love for having to do the task, she suggested- "lets go have some champagne and lunch beforehand at Neiman Marcus". I nodded with a seemingly mischievous smile, and before we knew it we were sitting down drinking some chicken broth. Unknown to me, Neiman Marcus serves you popovers when you sit down...with strawberry butter. I don't think I need to say anymore than... if every undergarment shopping experience is like that one, I will go every day.

So this one is dedicated to my dear friend Lane, thank you. 

1TB butter
1 cup milk
1 cup flour
1tsp salt
1 large egg

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Spray the popover pan with spray canola.

Warm the milk with the butter.

Mix in the egg, flour and salt.

Pour in the popover pan, and put in the oven.

Turn the temperature down to 375 degrees F, and cook for approximately 30 minutes.

Strawberry Butter
4TB butter
5 strawberries

Set out butter until room temperature.

Puree strawberries.

Mix, and serve with popovers.

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